Welcome to Chopin’s Soldering Iron, my personal blog on writing, music, engineering, and other eclectic interests. This blog houses my more in-depth posts, whereas my professional website (linked below) is reserved for more general updates – as well as housing my portfolios. Enjoy!

(looking for my professional website? go to aletheakatherine.com!)


Welcome to Alethea Katherine’s fun personal blog!  For her professional website, please see aletheakatherine.com!

Weird Tips for Your First Novel

“Lesson Learned!” is a series of posts on my writing journey detailing all the mistakes I’ve made, how I’ve (hopefully) learned from them, and the trials and tribulations I’m currently experiencing as a writer. For your enjoyment and (hopefully) so you can avoid some of the dreadful mistakes I, a fool, have made in the past.

about me

I’m Alethea Katherine, an aspiring novelist, film composer, and student pursuing my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at UCLA. You can see more about my novels, as well as my music portfolio, on my main site, aletheakatherine.com.

Though my main interests lie in engineering, music, and writing, I often indulge in (amateur) dance and choreography. I also love learning about foreign languages, economics, history, linguistics, and many other topics – the world is a fascinating place and I want to know more about it!

Life is definitely a roller coaster, but here’s some of the highlights so far:

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to study music composition privately with Peter Golub (director, Sundance Film Music Program). I also interned at the recording studio of John Swihart (“How I Met Your Mother”, “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Switched at Birth”). I also had dinner with Howard Shore (“Lord of the Rings”), talked to the wife of James Horner (“Titanic”), have been in touch with Snuffy Walden (“The West Wing,” “The Wonder Years”) and so much more! Exciting times.

As of 2020, I’m composing the soundtrack for UCLA Burke Center’s World View series, which investigates some of the most pressing and interesting political dilemmas of modern America.

I’ve written fifteen manuscripts (as of August 2020), and I’m still too shy to get them published! But I’m getting there, I promise. I’ve also been participating in pitch contests ranging from #PitMad to #sffpit to many more, and gotten ankle-deep in the query trenches, submitting my material to literary agents to chase my dream of publishing. My writing is definitely an ongoing project – ironically, it’s hard to put into words how much it means to me.

I have also worked as a paid blogger, as well as a paid pianist performing my own compositions (most notably at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center), which was a lot of fun. You can find out more about me at aletheakatherine.com, or stick around on this website for some fun!

contact me

Please email me at alethea[at]aletheakatherine[dot]com, or use the contact form below.  You can also find me on social media.